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10 Questions and Answers About Tantra Massage

At our massage clinic, we often field inquiries regarding tantra massage. As a result, we’ve put together a guide comprising questions and answers to clarify uncertainties about this particular massage style. Our aim is to furnish lucid information to aid individuals in gaining a better grasp of tantra massage. If you have further queries, we’re available to assist.

I've never experienced tantra massage before, can I partake in it?

Absolutely, you’re welcome to undergo a tantra massage at any point, provided you are 18 years of age or older and open to self-discovery. Prior experience in tantra is not required.

What should I wear when receiving a tantra massage?

To receive a tantra massage, your foremost consideration should be to feel at ease for a sensory experience. You will either be nude or in underwear. Should you choose to remain in underwear during the massage, you can remove it as lingam massage or yoni massage involves the genital region and is performed with the body unclothed.

Can I choose not to receive the lingam/yoni massage?

Yes, certainly, you can choose not to receive the lingam and yoni massage. At our massage center, your well-being is of paramount importance. Feel free to discuss the lingam massage and yoni massage with our therapists.

Can I achieve orgasm during tantra massage?

Yes. Orgasm is not necessarily the goal of tantra massage, but it’s natural for it to occur, and there is no embarrassment if it does. In fact, dry multiple orgasms can often occur during this therapy.

Can I touch the intimate areas of the masseuse during tantra massage?

NO. RJ Massage takes pride in being a serious tantra massage clinic, and our goal is not sexual in nature. Our masseuses are not here for that purpose and are free to end the session if there is a lack of respect.

Is tantra massage the same as sex?

NO. While many places use tantra for other purposes, RJ Massage, as a massage clinic, does not offer such services. There is no sexual interaction, and we advise against visiting us if that’s your intention.

Can I take a shower after tantra massage?

Yes, and it’s recommended as the massage is very intimate. Hygiene is essential for receiving a tantra massage, and you should take a shower before and after.

Can I do a tantra massage as a couple?

Yes, at our massage center, we have all the options available for couples seeking tantra massage. There is no distinction in receiving the massage, and you can choose to stay in the same room or in separate rooms.

How long does tantra massage last?

Typically, a tantra massage lasts for 60 minutes, but if you wish for more time, it’s feasible. We simply ask that you inform us before starting the massage for better time management.

What are the advantages of tantra?

Numerous benefits come with tantra massage, and we endeavor to elucidate them in our trivia and news sections. Therefore, peruse our articles and delve deeper into understanding tantra.

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