What do you think of watching your partner receive a tantric massage, or maybe a Nuru?

Just like Couples Massage, which is an excellent way to enjoy the pleasure of therapy together, assisted therapy is also a possibility to learn more about each other’s sexuality. One of the partners sits in a comfortable armchair, watching, while the therapist performs one of our massages. It is a good opportunity to notice other touches and places that give more pleasure to the partner you are receiving. At a certain point, the therapist can invite the observing partner to participate a little, touching only the receiving partner – not the therapist.

In this case, we recommend the most sensual therapies such as Tantric Massage and Nuru Massage.

The amount charged in this case is that of the chosen therapy + R$100 (1 hour).
* in Nuru Massage this value is R$150

See our price list to know the values ​​of our massages.

Watch the video of our therapist Jessica performing the assisted tantric massage.

Visit our Youtube page to see more videos.