You are currently viewing Happy Ending Massage? Explore the Difference Between Superficial and Deep Pleasure!

Happy Ending Massage? Explore the Difference Between Superficial and Deep Pleasure!

There is much confusion and misunderstanding surrounding the concept of Tantra. Tantric massage does not involve sexual relations and is not simply about a “happy ending massage” or “masturbation.” A simple massage with masturbation might be considered a happy ending massage, but tantric therapy is not!

Not to say that a happy ending massage isn’t pleasurable, but tantric therapy is deeper and more intense. Tantra is a union of polarities—the meeting of yin and yang. Thus, tantric massage invites both forms of energy into the massage. Yin is the energy of relaxation—that’s the kind of energy most people experience while getting a massage to unwind, for instance. Yang is the stimulating, sensual energy that flows throughout the body. Tantric massage aims to build up and break down energy throughout the entire massage process, in order to provide a sense of peace and harmony for both the therapist and the recipient.

As tantric massage focuses on the flow of energy, it’s possible to perform it without even touching the sexual organs! Some individuals can experience a full-body orgasmic experience without even being fully undressed. Believe it!

To be more specific, tantric therapy unifies the sexual organs with all other parts of the body—a complete union of sexual energy throughout the body. Happy ending massage, on the contrary, doesn’t create this union, and the predominant focus is providing a sensual massage followed by masturbation or sex. This makes it less intimate and much less connected.


Here are some of the benefits of tantric massage that you won't find in a happy ending massage: Greater orgasmic potential

By stimulating sexual energy in a lasting way, this energy accumulates throughout the therapy, leading to much more intense waves of pleasure and potentially even multiple orgasms—in both men and women.

It’s for men, women, and couples.

Unlike a happy ending massage, it can be performed on men, women, and couples.

Addresses sexual dysfunctions

Tantric massage has a high potential for healing sexual dysfunctions in both men and women. In a happy ending massage, there’s pressure to achieve orgasm, which doesn’t happen in tantric massage.

Promotes self-awareness

You don’t need to do anything, just receive the stimuli. You have time to perceive and recognize the stimuli and how they affect you.


It’s generally offered in specific clinics that have appropriate hygiene materials, such as disposable sheets, bathing kits, and clean towels. Furthermore, as there’s no active sexual contact, there’s no possibility of disease transmission or even the risk of a condom breaking.

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