Lingam massage

Reach new horizons of pleasure with the Lingam massage

The Lingam Massage is the second part of the tantric massage performed on men. Lingam is a term in Sanskrit and it´s used to represent the male sexual organ since it is free from the connotations used in everyday language. This technique begins after all parts of your body are awakened by the sensitive massage. At this moment the therapist will begin the maneuvers on the pelvic region and on the penis combining the movements with different intensities and speeds.

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The benefits of Lingam massage

After receiving this massage, many men say they have never experienced being touched so sensibly and claim that they have had a complete change in the way they relate to their bodies and sexuality. In addition, with practice, there is the possibility of reaching multiple orgasms. That’s right, multiple male orgasms!

During the session you will be free of expectations about performance and control and so you can completely surrender to the hands of our therapists. During the massage a sense of euphoria will take your body leading you to new horizons of pleasure without needing sex or mutual touches. This is an invitation for you to get to know yourself on a much deeper level.


Orgasm, without a doubt, is the climax and the best sexual experience of all. In everyday life, it is very defined as a simple release of semen accompanied by a contraction of ten seconds, causing a peak of ecstasy and euphoria. Imagine if you could take that energy and extend it, filling your entire body and creating a field of pleasure that you could maintain forever. For most people, the word orgasm and ejaculation are synonymous. According to Tantra, they are not. Anyone who has experienced a tantric energy experience will know that there is much more to sex than the contraction and release of conventional “orgasm”.

Try to pass on your concepts about orgasm. You will find that as the energy builds up before release you will experience a much more intense euphoria, with contractions throughout your body and an orgasm like you never had.