Mutual Tantric Massage

The awakening of sensations through the senses

The Mutual Tantric Massage allow us to learn about the expansion of sensitivity as a whole, increases the sensory spectrum of the skin, and awakes new and very intense pleasure feelings. This experience also provides orgasmic development providing orgasms with more quality and intensity then usually. This massage has as basic elements long a deep slides helping to recover contact and relationship between the body of who receives it and the body of the therapist.

In this experience there is an exchange of massage, what we call mutual massage (in this case the therapist teaches you to do a sensitive massage simultaneously) exploring all five senses. The therapist conducts the session by expanding perception through auditory, visual, taste, smell and touch stimuli. During the process new sensations are perceived which increases your sensory perception, elevating your sensitivity and pleasure.


Elements used on the Mutual Tantric Massage

vision: visual stimuli of the therapist’s body and the ambiance

smell: fennel / lavender / ginger / vanilla / ylang ylang

taste: chocolate / strawberry / honey / wine / cinnamon / almonds

touch: therapist body/ feathers / fine and delicate fabrics / textured fabrics

hearing: music / voice commands


Therapist Available for the Mutual Tantric Massage




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