At RJ Massage, we understand that while everyone can benefit from therapeutic massage, the topic of sexuality is still surrounded by taboos, especially when it comes to paid services, even if they do not involve any form of sexual interaction. For this reason, we value discretion and respect at all stages of the service. Our receptionists are trained to ensure that each client feels comfortable and safe during their visit, without encountering other clients. Thus, privacy is preserved, and clients can enjoy a unique experience of relaxation and well-being.


When it comes to our commitment to our client, we cannot stop talking about our hygiene, something essential for us that is 100% allied with the well-being of everyone, clients and therapists.

All of our professionals are trained to prepare before each massage session, washing and disinfecting your hands; this process is repeated before and after the service!

In addition, we provide gloves and alcohol 70 for the most demanding customers who deserve this degree of safety.

All rooms have washbasins, so rest assured that everything is perfect for you! We use disposable sheets, whether on stretcher, tatami or pillow, all of which are elastic resulting in the greatest possible comfort; worth remembering that behind these sheets are reinforced tarpaulins that guarantee impermeability.
Another important point to note is that all of our products are of the best quality and super recognized in the market; we do not use moisturizers, but a specific hypoallergenic cream for massage, sliding and odorless oils so as not to harm the skin and also our beloved nuru gel that makes our massage the best in rio de janeiro; all this with great storage conditions !!

Excellent standard face and bath towels will be provided in addition to slippers and our charming RJ Massage personalized bath kit with shampoo, conditioner and soap; we encourage our client to take a shower, hot or cold, before and after any therapy, and if you like, we also provide disposable combs so that your experience is always the best; here at RJ Massage the client always has the best treatment!

All our bathrooms have adequate coating, hygienic showers, grab bars and high pressure showers, and in all units we have VIP rooms with shower and box so you can take your bath with even more discretion.

See what we offer for you to make the most of every moment:
At RJ Massage we think of all your sensory experiences, so we offer some “treats” for you; each room has independent control of temperature, sound and ambient light so that the perfect environment is of your choice; if you prefer the cooler room, we can use hot creams or oils, and the opposite can also be done.
Upon arriving at the clinic you will be able to drink an ice water or a tea of ​​your choice; wait for his / her therapist while your tea strengthens and releases all its aroma; feel free to ask a therapist to lower or increase the sound for better comfort of your ears, remember that music is a great ally of your massage session and that is why we have created a perfect playlist for you! “

At the end of the therapy, relax while the therapist removes excess cream or oil from your body and back, and take a shower to finish off with a flourish; when leaving, if you like, ask for an espresso that will help you face, unfortunately, the return to the real world. We look forward to welcoming you again and making your experience the best it can be again!

Mutual respect

All of our therapists are trained to perform massages at the highest level of professionalism and quality for all of our clients, and it is natural to create a certain intimacy and risk of exceeding any personal limit; therefore, mutual respect is vital.

We recommend to all our clients to avoid initiating active physical contact during the massage; we know that the best feeling is to surrender to the skilled hands of our attendants and feel the pleasure of the massage; know that this is finally your time to lie down, forget about problems and have total relaxation without having to give or do anything!

We are available for any doubts and we are on standby to better please you, schedule your massage!