Sports massage

Sports massage is an excellent tool to prepare and recover the muscles of athletes, sportsmen and sports enthusiasts. Read the whole article and find out what sports massage is!

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Sports massage consists of a series of stretching, sliding, kneading, percussion, friction and vibration techniques to prevent and rehabilitate athletes and sportsmen from possible injuries as well as improving the athlete’s performance. It is also indicated for those who practice weight training because the demand for physical effort is high.

Purpose of sports massage

The goal of sports massage is to increase blood circulation and help eliminate toxins accumulated after physical exercise, resulting in a more effective recovery and helping to achieve better goals (preparation) for the sportsman – therefore, it serves for pre and post physical activities and / or competitions. Sports massage has direct action in the area to be solved the problem in the muscles, tendons or joints.

The main objectives of sports massage are: to relax muscles, relieve stress and possible pain, avoid fatigue, remove toxins, increase joints, decrease edema, increase performance, prevent injuries.

How it works

The Sports Massage technique works on trigger points, sensitive and palpable nodules that cause local pain. They are usually located where muscle and tissue connect, where tension builds up. Trigger points can be far from the point of origin of the pain – and can cause problems such as migraines, stiff necks and pains in the arms and legs, which is why it is important to work on them.

As you can see, sports massage can be beneficial for people who enjoy physical activity or those who dedicate themselves exclusively to sport. In both cases it is welcome, as it also has a psychological effect, linked to well-being, triggered by touch and relaxation.

What changes in each case is the way it is applied and, therefore, it is up to the professional who will perform it to know the person who will receive the technique, to know which sport he practices and which areas of the body are most used – so he can a more effective and correct massage. Many athletes, such as football players, runners and bodybuilders, are users of sports massage – which is generally well received by most people. And the best: there are studies that prove that the technique helps the athlete to increase performance and avoid injuries.


Sports Massage must be personalized for each athlete and the stimuli depend on the training / competition phase and on each sport.

The technique, which has been gaining more and more followers, has numerous benefits, among them:

Improves fatigue and muscle recovery;
Reduces adhesions;
Improves blood circulation and the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles;
Prevents injuries;
Reduces muscle spasms;
Reduces swelling and inflammatory processes;
It has a relaxing or stimulating effect on the central nervous system;
Increases body awareness, brings confidence and serenity;
Decreases anxiety and improves sleep quality.

Who is Sports Massage for?

Athletes or people who practice physical exercises frequently who want to avoid injuries and need muscle preparation and recovery.

How many sessions should be done?

Ideal to be held once a week. In the case of preparing for a test, it can increase to twice a week or always after training and competition. It is contraindicated for those with acute injuries, skin diseases, open wounds, fever, infections, tumors, thrombosis, circulatory or kidney problems.


If you have any problems such as: acute pain, edema, hematoma and inflammation due to the effort caused by the gym or other physical activity, sports massage should not be applied to you.

For these types of problems and pains, you must take the following steps. If your problem is edema and inflammation, use a cold compress. If it is muscle tension, use a hot compress in your case.

It is very important to take all kinds of care with the massages. Especially in the case of sports massage it needs to be carried out with responsibility and professionalism, as it needs special attention to not wrongly reach the arterial, venous and lymphatic vessels, the massage should not cause bruises on the body.


Even if you are not an athlete, it is interesting to know this therapeutic technique to further improve physical results.

As we have seen, the ideal is to use sports massage as a way of preventing injuries and relaxing the mind.