Yoni Massage

Reach new horizons of pleasure with the Yoni Massage

The Yoni Massage is the second part of tantric massage performed on women. “Yoni” is a term in Sanskrit and we use it to represent the female sexual organ, since it is free from the connotations used in everyday language. This technique begins after all parts of your body are awakened by the sensitive massage. At this point, the therapist will begin the maneuvers ON the pelvic region and ON the vagina by combining movements with different intensities and speed.


Whatch our therapist jéssica permorming the the yoni massage

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The benefits of Yoni Massage

The yoni massage can become an intense experience that will reach the innermost depth of your intimacy. As you surrender to the hands of one of our therapists you will begin a journey to the source of all your desires and feelings, totally free from any kind of expectation. Thus, you will enjoy in the best way a sensual adventure that will open new horizons of sensations and pleasures. Here, fears, insecurities and past experiences will be revived and mostly understood in a completely different way. This is an invitation to your rediscovery and will definitely be a watershed in your sex life.


Until very recently, it was believed that women could only experience orgasm through the clitoris. Today, it is known that it is possible to actually experience three types of orgasms – two of which do not occur through clitoral stimulation.

The three types are not excluded and can be experienced one after the other according to the situation and the stimulation.

For most women, the combination of these 3 orgasms is the most profound experience.

Uterine orgasm

It is deeply gratifying and often accompanied by intense euphoria. It only occurs when an object – a penis, vibrator, finger – comes into contact with the cervix. Strong, deep impulses make the uterus tremble and stimulate the delicate membrane that protects the organs of the pelvis and stomach.

This type of orgasm does not cause rhythmic contraction of the PC muscle (Pubic coccygeal). Just before the climax, breathing may cease for a few seconds (Apnea reflex).

Clitoral orgasm

It is characterized by a rhythmic contraction of the PC muscles and by a sharp and intense ascent which then declines. It is often accompanied by a feeling of incomplete satisfaction that can be achieved without penetration. Clitoral orgasm is usually accompanied by heavy, wheezing.

The combination

It occurs through the stimulation of the clitoris and the cervix, uniting characteristics of the two types of orgasm. A rhythmic contraction of the PC muscles occurs, as in the clitoral orgasm, and also leads to the deep emotional satisfaction of the uterine orgasm. The apnea reflex is shorter, but occurs more often.

During this type of orgasm, the mouth of the uterus tilts downwards, resulting in deep relaxation of the vaginal and cervical muscles. This simultaneous orgasm was known as the vaginal orgasm.

G spot

The G-Spot is located in an area made up of multiple glands, combining to form a network of erectile tissue. This area encompasses the clitoris, the internal clitoral tissue, the urethra and the anus.

While most of this area is smooth, the so-called G-Spot differs with its wavy surface that is easily distinguishable from other fabric. It is about the size and shape of half a walnut and is located in most women about 3 to 6 centimeters behind the pubic bone.

When the G-spot is stimulated, it swells and fills with blood. The most complicated thing is that this only happens when the woman is aroused, which makes it difficult to locate. It is a vicious cycle, because the more it swells, the more sensitive it becomes easier to stimulate it.