Four-hands massage

Experience the Ultimate in Relaxation with Our Four-Hands Massage

Our four-hands massage is a truly indulgent experience performed by two expert masseuses, which facilitates synergy and balance of polarities. All our massages can be performed in this way, delivering an extraordinary level of relaxation.

The massage takes place on a high mat, with slow and deep movements alternating with quick and smooth ones. This creates an experience where the receiver’s brain cannot predict the next touch, leading to surrender and altered states of consciousness where healing takes place on many levels. Our ultimate goal is for you to reach a state of ecstasy and deep relaxation.

Each four-hands massage session is tailored to your individual needs, ensuring a unique experience. We take care of you with love and respect to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Come and enjoy the ultimate relaxation with our expert masseuses today.

Schedule a 4-hand massage session at our clinic now and allow yourself to be cared for by two specialized therapists. Contact us for more information and book your appointment right away. Don't miss the opportunity to experience a level of tranquility that only a 4-hand massage can provide!