Prostatic massage

Discover Prostatic Massage

The prostate is one of the most important endocrine glands in the male body and is also an extremely sensitive point in the body. It is located inside the pelvis and when massaged it provides deep and intense sensations not experienced by most men. In addition, its regular stimulation helps to improve issues related to physical and especially sexual health.

Watch the video of our therapist Débora performing the tantric massage.

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The prostatic massage is performed in combination with the Tantric Massage starts at the outer part, with touches by the perineum – the part that is exactly between the scrotal sac and the anus. Once the receiver is ready and completely relaxed, the index finger is inserted into the anus and slowly moved towards the prostate gland. The area around it is slowly massaged with a constant increase in pressure and then passed to the sides of the prostate.

The quality and quantity of stimulation in this area, including the prostate, perineum and anal sphincter will really determine the levels of sexual pleasure you will experience. Our therapists are trained to perform this technique and thus provide much stronger, long and constant feelings of pleasure. This is one of the most pleasurable experiences that a man can go through.

We have included prostate massage as an option in place of Lingam Massage in our tantric therapy.