Thai massage

Understand how Thai massage is performed

There are thousands of tiny nerve endings just under the skin that are very sensitive to smooth, continuous movements. They transmit these stimuli to the brain – the organ responsible for interpreting sensations.

The key sensation in this case is relaxation, which will come through a massage where the therapist will not only use the hands, but also other parts of the body such as forearms, elbows, feet and knees. Using the body weight, the therapist is able to print more strength in addition to achieving a greater area of ​​contact with the client’s body. Thai massage is a powerful technique that brings a complete feeling of fullness. Due to the need for active contact using all parts of the body mentioned by the therapist, a differentiated uniform will be used for the least possible friction.

This massage is performed on stretcher or tatami.

We offer the possibility to combine this technique with tantric and relaxing massage. Check out the mix massage, our most requested therapy!

Watch the video and get to know the main maneuvers of Thai massage.

We produced this exclusive video at our unit in downtown Rio de Janeiro

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Thai massage is undoubtedly excellent for relaxing and relaxing, but it also has great health benefits, such as pain relief. This is because the specific techniques and movements that are done during the massage help to increase the amount of oxygen that is in the blood, which allows the muscles to release any newly accumulated toxins, such as metabolic waste or lactic acid. This buildup can lead to muscle pain, tenderness and fatigue, but these symptoms are greatly reduced when the flow of oxygen to the body is increased. At the end of the session, you should also notice an improvement in your circulation and flexibility.