Massage for couples

Couples Massage: Discover the Most Popular Technique

For couples seeking a unique experience together, we offer the option of a couples massage, where all massages can be performed simultaneously by two therapists in the same room. The most popular technique for this type of massage is tantric massage, known for its high potential for energy release through the chakras.

We recommend tantric massage for couples with a more mature intimate relationship. Guided by experienced and well-trained therapists, tantric massage for couples offers an opportunity to get to know each other better and deepen their emotional and physical connection.

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At the start of a tantric massage for couples, therapists lead partners into a relaxing and welcoming environment where they apply specific techniques to stimulate bodily energy. Generally, the session is divided into two distinct parts. In the first part, both partners are massaged simultaneously, allowing them to explore and observe each other’s body reactions. This step may include breathing and meditation techniques, which help align the couple’s energy and intensify the emotional connection between them. In the second part, therapists focus on specific areas of the body, applying lingam massage techniques for men and yoni massage techniques for women. With skill and precision, these techniques aim to deepen and expand the sensation of pleasure for the couple.


At RJ Massage, we want every moment to be special for couples. That’s why we offer special treatment rooms with larger showers and mats designed to provide maximum comfort during the massage session.

And to make this moment even more special, we provide a double shower so that you can enjoy a relaxing bath together after the massage session.

Come and enjoy unforgettable moments for two in our exclusive massage rooms for couples. Our team of highly skilled professionals is available to offer you the best massage experience. Book your session now and surprise your partner with a moment of relaxation and well-being. We’re waiting for you!

Schedule a couples massage session at our clinic now and enjoy a moment of relaxation and connection with the one you love. Contact us for more information and book your appointment right away. Don't miss the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the magic of tantric massage!