Massage for couples

Check out how is our couples massage session

For couples who love to enjoy experiences together, all of our massages can be performed simultaneously by two therapists in the same room. The most widely used technique in this case is the tantric massage, due to its high potential to release sexual energy through the chakras. In this case, we indicate for couples with more mature intimate relationship.

*If the couple or one of the partners wish to mix two or more massage techniques, we’ll charge an extra fee.

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This therapy is extremely delicate and requires a big commitment from the couple to flow in the right way. The two will begin the therapy lying down, while two therapists (1 for each) will initiate the sensitive massage, caressing the bodies on its full extension. This is a great time to observe your partner and understand how he responds to the stimuli. In the second half the therapists will initiate the maneuvers on the male genitals (Lingam Massagem) and female (Yoni Massage. At the end the couple will be facing each other and will intertwine their legs in a position known as The Tantric hug, where the couple can clearly feel the energy transmitted by the body of their partner.


For greater comfort for couples, RJ Massage has special service rooms, which have showers and tatami mats with superior dimensions. In our Copacabana unit, the room for couples is separated from the clinic environment, providing more discretion. Everything is designed so that the experience is the best possible. Enjoy your massage and take a bath for two in our double shower!