Tantric massage course for couples


Tantric massage can be enjoyed by couples, both in early relationships, as engaged or married. It is an intimate and sensual experience, where the couple improves mutual trust. Tantric massage creates new paradigms in relation to sexuality, both individually and for the couple as a whole and seeks at all times to ascend this sexual energy that is often blocked by psychological blocks and traumas. It is a profound and unforgettable experience for lovers who seek to get to know each other and improve their relationship.


In the first part, the couple will receive some theoretical instructions regarding the technique. Afterwards, we will start the practical part with the application of massage, under the guidance of one of our therapists. The massage will be applied to the couple, with one partner being a model for the other, so that both can learn and enjoy all the techniques and sensations of tantric massage. In some moments the therapist will participate in the massage to demonstrate some techniques and thus better guide the entire practice of that special moment.

note: this is a free course aimed at couples so we do not provide a certificate.

Improve your relationship and embark on new sexual adventures

When was the last time you went on a sexual adventure with your partner? The sad reality is that the more couples are together, the harder it is sometimes to be sexually free. The tantric massage course for couples opens the door to new adventures for two!

By indulging in this experience as a couple, you can interrupt the need to seek sexual satisfaction in another way or with another person. If sexual needs are neglected, this is where the real danger of this happening occurs.

Why not nip it in the bud and learn how tantra can improve sex life and a couple?


  • Theory
  • Sensitive Massage
  • Yoni Massage (Vagina)
  • Lingam Massage (Penis)


3 to 3 and a half hours

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