Nuru massage

If you are new to Nuru Massage, know that this therapy is definitely different from anything you have ever experienced. This technique, originated in Japan, uses an extremely slippery gel that is used in abundance by the therapist, who uses his own body to slide over the client.

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The word “Nuru” is derived from a Japanese word meaning “slippery”. To perform the Nuru massage, the masseuse does not use only the hands, but the whole body, with special movements and techniques that seek a broader physical contact. Gel Nuru offers the perfect condition for sliding between bodies, drastically reducing friction and allowing the therapist to perform various maneuvers using legs, arms, breasts, knees and buttocks.

Nuru Massage is about tactile and visual stimulation that provides pleasure on an unusual level. It is important to remember that like all massages we offer, there is no sexual relationship between therapist and client. Keep this in mind, as mutual respect is essential in this therapy that involves a lot of intimacy.

Nuru massage is not just for men. It is suitable for people of both sexes and of all sexual orientations.


Get ready for an unparalleled experience. To start the massage, the therapist prepares the Gel, making a mixture with hot water, inside a bowl. Right now you are lying on your stomach, totally naked, and she throws a generous portion of the mixture on your back. Body contact begins through the hands, using traditional relaxing massage techniques, and the sticky sensation of the gel and the warmth of the water create much more pleasurable sensations.

The Masseuse then throws the Gel on her own body, from the lap, so that the entire trunk is covered by the sticky substance. You, still face down, feel the therapist’s body sliding from the lower back to the neck. In this position, the weight of the body facilitates the application of force, and thus the legs and knees are used to massage your legs and the side of your back. The masseuse then turns around, and with the support of her arms, uses her buttocks to massage her back and lower back, providing an extremely relaxing and pleasurable sensation.

The leader is the masseuse

Your prone position creates security for the masseuse, who is free to perform the massage while you are completely surrendered. And you must remain surrendered throughout the session, being passive and respecting those who are giving you an unusual pleasure.

At that point, you are in ecstasy and the masseuse asks you to turn around. Now it is a very important part, because as we said, Nuru Massage is very intimate and sensual, needed to have control over yourself. You will enjoy it much more, as the therapist will have more security to be able to perform the massage the way it should be done.

We do not accept any act of disrespect towards our therapists.

Imagine, you were stimulated in an extremely sensual way and your whole body is very sensitive, smeared in an extremely lubricating gel. The masseuse then begins the maneuvers on the genital, coming from the Tantric Massage (Lingam and Yoni Massage). All accumulated energy is released with movements that will take you to the height of pleasure. These ingredients make nuru massage a fun, relaxing and extremely sensual experience.

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Original from Japan, Gel Nuru – slippery in Japanese – is made from seaweed, a silky, sticky natural by-product that is unlike any other. Not only is the gel extremely beneficial for your skin, but it is also used as a base gel for a massage, Gel Nuru is a far superior choice to classic massage oils. The sticky texture of the gel connects your naked body to that of the therapist, while its slippery nature removes the friction between your bodies, allowing the masseuse to slide and rub your skin against yours with ease. This magnificent and lubricating gel still has unique properties: it has no smell, no taste and dries completely after a few seconds, without leaving any oil.